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                      Ball dress that he made for former Princess Alexandra.



From Magazine 1998 the winner dress of the year by J.B

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History of Jørgen Bender

                                     On Sep 14 ,1999 Jørgen Bender died at the aged 60.

Back in summer of 1967 he made Crown princess Margrethe's wedding dress.

Also in 1967 Jørgen Bender designed some of  the clothes to a Danish move called " Far laver sovsen " 

Link :  http://hjem.get2net.dk/sunesen/Stegger/FAR%20LAVER%20SOVSEN.HTM


Back in 1980 Jørgen Bender took in a young man called Uffe Frank ( He would later made clothes for the royals )

So in 1995 Jørgen Bender got the chance to design Princess Alexandra 's wedding dress. He designed ball dress for her in 1995 & 1997.


The Red Ball Dress 95

Info about the designer at this photo

Photos  By Rigmor  Mydtskov




The best dress of the year 1995 ( the readers vote )

Photo By Rigmor  Mydtskov

The first time we saw  Alexandra in this Jorgen Bender design was on November 17, 1995. A party was held for Prince Joachim and Alexandra Manley

Coming to the party

Photos By Karl Ravn , Klaus Möller


                                 Photo By Jan Djenner Klaus Moller                                              Photo By ?


                         Info about the designer see photo

Photo By Karl Ravn , Klaus Möller                            Photos By  Rigmor  Mydtskov 


Time to meet the guests

 Photo By Ulla Aue, Hanne Juul , Teit Hornbak , Klaus Möller

Photos By Ulla Aue, Hanne Juul , Teit Hornbak , Klaus Möller

























Info About The Red Dress


                                                                                   Photo By Winnifred 



From Magazine Cutting

Alexandra's red dream dress is made from 14 meter long Italian  silk.  The heart shape low cut form is embroider with peals and stones in the small fantasy roses. The same roses are repeated 3 times down the dress that ends at the small train.

Jorgen Bender " I love train that's why it has a  train "  who made 3 different drawings  to the ball dress to Alexandra.

Jorgen Bender " At the end she chose the one that I also liked best, he said.  Alexandra has a great and sure idea in that looks good. She was not in doubt when she had to choose the fabric to the dress  -  It's going to be red she decided. "

Even the cloak that Alexandra is wearing over the dress is embroider with peals and stones at the front.


Other Photos Of The Dress ( PRIVATE CUTTING )

 Photo By Jan Djenner Klaus Moller

Photos By Rigmor  Mydtskov 



Photo By Winnifred

Photos By  DR


Photo By Rigmor  Mydtskov


 Photo By Karl Ravn, Klaus Moller


1997 A  Time  To Party

Photos  By Klaus Möller , Claus Poulsen, Peter Grosen

Jorgen Bender made in 1997 two ball dresses for Alexandra. They were going to be used for the Queens 25 year celebration as Queen . She wore the orange dress on January 13 , 1997 at  Christiansborg Castle and the Purple dress on January 16 , 1997. At the Royal Theater in Copenhagen.

        Photos  By  Karl Ravn, Jörgen Dalshöj,  Torkel, Jette Feldthaus 




The Dress Of The Year Nr 1

Info about the designer see photo




Other Photos From That



                                                              Photo By Jörgen Jessen                                            Photo By Klaus Möller





Info On The Orange Dress

Photos  By Klaus Möller



From Magazine Billed Bladet nr 4  1997

Alex had the orange dress on at the galla party at Christiansborg Castle. She lit up in that dress everywhere she went. Jorgen Bender " I will not let people say that the dress was too open at the shoulders. I have never thought of that. Alexandra is a young girl and it is a happy dress. I do not mind that it is without sleeves."

The dress at the front has a belt that cross to the back and end up as a bow. At the neck it has a tight embroidered ribbon and at the front of the dress it has small gold pearls, orange crystals, and glass pearls that drip down the dress all embroidered by hand. Both front and back has the pearls. The front of the dress is wide and come together at the back as a big train.


The Photo Shots

Photos  By Klaus Möller





Her Purple Ball Dress

Photos  By Polfoto, Nordfoto,




Info On The Purple Dress

Photos By ?

From Magazine Billed Bladet nr 4  1997

The purple dress in Ziberline silk is made so that there is place for the orders she has to wear. It is tight in the waist and has a flat soft wide collar that goes around the shoulders.  The dress that is wide at the back is in 3 layers. The dress's embroidered keeps going up the dress and to the wide collar.



From Magazine Billed Bladet nr 4  1997 January

" It is 6 months ago Princess Alexandra and I first time talked about the dresses that I was going to make for her. For the 25 year celebration for the Queen. Right from the start we agreed that  I was going to make two evening dresses to the Princess." Said Jorgen Bender 58. Jorgen Bender is known as the man who for years has made Queen Margrethes dresses. It is also him who is known for making two dresses for Princess Alexandra 32. He is best known for the wedding dress and the big red ball dress. Now he has made two other big dresses for Alex. " I made many drawings and the Princess picked out the two she liked best. After that we sat down to look at the color maps to decide what color the dresses should be. It was clear that Princess Alexandra thought about what she had in her closet. She ended up choosing the orange color Ziberline silk for one of the dresses and the purple color for the other."

The fabric to the purple dress is like the orange dress pick up from Firenze in Italian. Both fabric is Ziberine Silk. "  In the old days you could buy these fabrics here in this country . But you can't get these fabrics any more ." Said Jorgen Bender.

From Magazine Billed Bladet nr 4  1997 January

" I made 18 drawings for Alexandra Jubilees dresses."  Jorgen Bender who is happy for the Princess purple dress that became nr 4 has one of the best dresses of the year.


Jordan's King Hussein & Queen Noor

Party for them on April 27, 1998

Photos  By  Klaus Möller


Official Photo Short May 2003

Photos By Steen Brogaard





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