Princess Alexandra's Jewelry

                 Photo By Nordfoto , Polfoto.                                   

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I wanted to make something very special, so I came up with the idea of making a page all about her jewelry.

It has taken a long time to make. First of all, I needed the information of all the jewelry.

I have made this into different sections so that it is easy to go through.

I owe a huge thanks to TAMARA for all her help with this jewelry page...without her, this page would not have been possible.

Thank you.

Webpage Editor Lotte.

                           Jewelry On Her Engagement Day   

                              Can you see what's missing?  The black Sapphire pendant.    

Photos by  Jesper Sunesen , Nordfoto , Polfoto.                                   




It was in the afternoon on May 31 ,1995, Queen Margrethe gave Alexandra this black sapphire pendant with

small diamonds around it. That she could put in her pearl necklace.

Here is another photo of her with the pearl necklace without the sapphire, but from another occasion.

    Photo By ?

                 Her Ring And More

Her ring was from Prince Joachim. He designed her ring. He went to the shop in Bredgade in Copenhagen.

John Rorvig made the ring with 2.5 carat diamond and 2 small rubies with 18 carat gold around it.

The diamond is made with 58 facets.

The rubies are polished in a round shape.( from magazine called " cabouchon shape " )

( Info from Danish magazine Billed Bladet  1995 )

Link   info , When Alexandra Manley got engaged  to Prince Joachim, she got a ring in gold, rubies, 2 carat  diamond  made by John Victor Rörvig

Photos By  Rigmor Mydtskov

Photo on the right By Winnifred , Peter Grosen , All Over.


Photo By  Rigmor Mydtskov

Photos By DR

                  Silk Flower

                                                   Part of her outfit

In the first year of 1995 the silk flower was almost unheard of but after MAY that year  shops got a lot of calls from customers.

Info from magazine Billed Bladet 1995 - 96 *  : " I would like to get the flower just like Alexandra's. "

The silk flower is called " Camelia flower ". Brand " Chanel " *

Princess Alexandra was wearing a white and a black Camelia flower.. on May 31 and June 1 ,1995

Photos By Winnifred , Peter Grosen

                                   At the press conference on June 1 , 1995

                                                                   Photo By  Nordfoto , Polfoto.                                   

                                                   November 17, 1995 at the Town Hall .

Princess Alexandra was been wearing other silk flowers  like this one in purple.

This one is also a  Camelia flower. Brand " Chanel " *

Photos By : Ulla Aue, Steen Brogaard , Jens Dige, Egon Engmann, Teit Hornbak, Martin Höien, Lars Laursen, Nordfoto ,Polfoto , Birger Storm.



                                                        At the fashion show in early 1996

                                 She was wearing  this Black and White Camelia flower.*

Photos By Egon Engmann







       The Drop Diamond Tiara

                                           Gifts from the Queen

On November 17, 1995 Alexandra received 2 gifts from the Queen. Princess Alexandra was wearing

the drop diamond tiara for her wedding the next day.

1:  The drop diamond tiara called  The Alexandrine Tiara

2: The Order Of The Elephant ( Denmark's finest order )

3: Storkorset af Dannebrog ( The Grand Cross Of Dannebrog ) To Richard Manley from the Queen.

IN  JANUARY 1997  The Queen gave Princess Alexandra another gift.

4: A portrait pin of Queen Margrethe 

    Photo By ?

    Photo By  Henrik Bjerregrav, Sören Jansby, Peter Schluter                                                                                   




Photo By  DR

                                                  THE STORY BEHIND THE DROP DIAMOND TIARA

Photo By ?


       The tiara was made in France , Paris in 1912 to the Queen Alexandrine.

               ( Info from Magazine Billed Bladet 2005)

       She was born Alexandrine Auguste von Mecklenburg-Schwerin in 1879.

Queen Alexandrine got married to King Christain X  Of Denmark in April 26, 1898.

She was 19 years old.

She received  the tiara  when she was 33 years old in 1912.

After she past away  in Dec 1952 ,  she passed on the tiara to her oldest son Crown Prince Frederik, King IX.

( Queen Margrethe's Father )

The tiara is made with drop formed diamonds that is put on round gold curves.

The Crown Princess Margrethe got the tiara for her 18 th birthday April 16, 1958.

This tiara was Crown Princess Margrethe 's first tiara.

      Thanks to Tamara for this photo of the diamond tiara.

 Princess Alexandra was wearing the tiara on November 7, 2005 going to the Royal Theatre .




     The Order Of The Elephant

                                     Photo from November 17, 1995

                                     She is wearing the Alexandrine Tiara for the first time

Richard Manley wearing  The Grand Cross Of Dannebrog ) for the first time

                          Photo By  Henrik Bjerregrav, Sören Jansby, Peter Schluter


  The order of the elephant is the oldest and finest Danish order there is.

It is only given to foreign ministers or to the royal family.  Since the 15th century, there has been over 800

elephant knights appointed. At the moment there are only about 70 elephant knights.

The complete set is: A small elephant, a collar made out of gold and  a light blue order ribbon, and a chest  silver star in the middle of it has a cross.


NEW : 

The order of the elephant since 1693 it has to be worn like this : info from Billed Bladet

The order of the elephant has to be worn from the right shoulder and the elephant has to be on the left side when you are wearing  it the blue ribbon. The chest  silver star on the left side at your chest.


From 1997 The Queen's 25 years as a Queen.

Wearing  the Alexandrine Tiara 

She is wearing the sapphire earrings

See the chain .

Photo By  Claus Poulsen


Photo By  Claus Poulsen


         On January 1, 2003 NEW YEAR 'S  PARTY   : Dropped  " The Order Of The Elephant "  

Prince Frederik dropped his " Order Of The Elephant  " Princess Alexandra picked it up. 

Photos By Klaus Möller                                   



 The Order Of The Dannebrog


            The order of the Dannebrog was instituted in 1671.

            The Dannebrog Grand Cross star with diamonds.

 If you want to read more go to the link "  Royal Danish Orders Of Knighthood "

    The Portrait Pin Of The Queen


In 1997, Princess Alexandra received another special gift from the Queen , at the Queen's 25 years anniverary as a Queen. She got a small mini brooch portrait of the Queen. It's in a gold frame with small diamonds 12 pearls. It's only the closest members in Danish royal family who can get it. ( Info from Danish magazine, Billed Bladet January 1997 )

She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant                         She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant  

 Here she is wearing the amethyst set.                                 At this photo she is wearing the sapphire earrings.

Photo from 2003 and photo from 1997

Photo By  Steen Brogaard                                               Photo By ?


Sapphire Brooch From Prince Henrik


     This was a wedding gift to her from her father in- law Prince Henrik.

    Want to see more info about this brooch go to  Glenn's website..

    Here she is wearing the portrait brooch of the Queen. 

    She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant 

   Of course the Alexandrine Tiara and the white south sea pearl necklace.

                                    Photo from 1997, I think

Photos  By Claus Poulsen














                 Sapphire  Earring


The earrings she is wearing in these photos in white dress was a wedding gift.

They are diamond and sapphire and gold ( it looks like gold around the earring )

Look also under :  THE PORTRAIT PIN , SAPPHIRE BROOCH ( She is wearing the same earrings )

Photo By  Claus Poulsen


Gifts From Her Husband Prince Joachim

                       ( Other jewelry to Princess Alexandra from Prince Joachim )  Thanks to Tamara for that info

The diamond necklace that she wears on most of the  important occasions has tree interchangeble stoner: White south sea pearls, Grey south sea pearls and Amethyst.  For all the drops she has matching earrings.


                                                 THE WHITE SOUTH SEA PEARLS ( SET )

                                                     It has earrings , necklace and a pearl ring

                                               Here she is wearing the white south sea pearl set

                                                                   Photo from 2000

Photo By ?

From May 2004

Here she is wearing the portrait  brooch of the Queen.  

She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant 

The Alexandrine Tiara  as well

Photo By ?

White south sea pearl earrings she wears often, they have a diamond on top 

The Alexandrine Tiara  and The Order Of The Elephant.

The mini portrait of the Queen

Photo  By Hanne Juul , Jörgen Jessen  2004

                                         This one from 2001 at the party for the Finnish president 

                                         The Alexandrine Tiara 

                                         Here she is wearing the mini  portrait  brooch of the Queen.

                                         She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant    

                                                                   Photo By Martin Höien , Klaus Möller    2001

Her pearl ring (black and white pearls criss cross design ) belongs to the set that she wears all the time.

(Diamond necklace with interchangable dark and white pearl and amethyst stones).   

                                   Giving to her by Prince Joachim ( This one )   thanks to TAMARA for this info

    Photo By 

                                            GREY SOUTH SEA PEARLS     

                        She is wearing the black and white criss cross ring also

                       Here she is wearing the diamond necklace with the grey south sea pearls

                       It has earrings , necklace too. 

                      The Alexandrine Tiara 

                      She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant.

                                                         Photo By Martin Höien, Lars Laursen. ,Scanpix. 2002

                This photo from  June 2, 1998 a dinner held for the Emperor Of Japan.

                                    The Alexandrine Tiara  and The order of the Elephant

                                   Here she is wearing the grey pearl set.

    Photos By  Michael Stub, Klaus Möller




                          This Amethyst set was seen on Queen's 60th birthday  April 16, 2000

                                       It has big amethyst earrings , necklace and a bracelet.

                                      Here she is wearing the amethyst set

                                       The Alexandrine Tiara 

                                      She is wearing the portrait  brooch of the Queen.

                                      Also wearing The Order Of The Elephant

    Photo By  Hanne Juul

           Photos By Klaus Möller








                                                                               Photo By Steen Brogaard



     This bracelet was a gift to Alexandra after she gave birth to Prince Nikolai.

                  She was seen wearing it on September 2, 1999

       It has like 15 precious stones that is plait together with white gold.

           ( Info from Danish magazine " Se og Hör " Sep 1999

The cheapest bracelet like this goes for 50.000 Danish kr ,or ( $ 8.000 )

Of course it depend of the size of the stones and  the way it was polished.

Photos By   Winnifred , Peter Grosen, Tina Lökke, Neils S. Andersen, Benjamin , Per Helmer.





                                                       THE SAPPHIRE FLOWER RING

Photo By Jesper Sunesen      



          Princess Alexandra got this ring in July ,2002  after she gave birth to Prince Felix.

                                                  She was wearing the ring on July 22 ,2002 

    Photos By Jesper Sunesen , Ulla Aue, Martin Höien Laursen, Birger Storm, Ole Björk 

The ring is made with blue sapphire and with diamonds. There are 2 flowers above each other.

    " It symbolize my 2 sons "       Princess Alexandra said.  ( Info  from Danish Magazine August 2002 )


     Old Fashion Diamond Set

Princess Alexandra was seen wearing this wonderful diamond set at the wedding for Crown Prince

                                      Frederik and Crown Princess Mary on May 14 ,2004

Photo By Martin Rosenauer 

                                              It looks like that she is wearing the sapphire bracelet.

                                              The Alexandrine Tiara  

                                              She is wearing The Order Of The Elephant "  

Photo By ?


Here she is wearing the  brooch portrait of the Queen.

You can see the sapphire bracelet better here.

Photo By TV2



     Necklace From Sosus School Randers

Photo By ?

This necklace was a gift to Princess Alexandra when she want to the Sosus school in Randers May 4, 2005

Social Health School in Randers.

We would like to give her some thing that she can use said Louise Nielsen.

Looking though magazines gave the students an idea what stile Princess Alexandra likes.

She often wear classic jewelry. The students gave money to the gift.

They found  a necklace made of fresh water pearls and a peridot stone as earrings made by Hanne Bloch.

We think that the green stones fits Princess Alexandra's glow. We hope that it is a jewelry she would use

said Louise Nielsen who gave the Princess the jewelry.

I am going to look  more careful at photos of the Princess now and see if she is wearing it.


 Wedding & Engagement Ring 2007

The ring on the right finger is her engagement ring. The other ring on the left is her wedding ring in white gold with diamonds.

Nicolette Stoltze made their rings she told Billed Bladet in 2007 .

    ADDED                                                     Photo By Billed Bladet  

( Countess Alexandra's jewelry designer )                                        

NEW  Link :     (  Nicolette Stoltze's own website )


 The Lucky Bracelet By Martina Of Sweden

 ADDED                           Photo By Niels Aage Skovbo   Year Aug 13 , 2007 see the bracelet

NEW  Link :   see Countess Alexandra's name ( Grevinde Alexandra )

NEW Link :    see photo of Countess Alexandra wearing the bracelet date  Aug 13,  2007 concert with the Danish Radio Girls Choir .

Photo By Copenhagen Publishing  Sep18 ,  2007 Art   " MAD LOVE "  see the bracelet


 NEW   Link ( see the bracelet )  :


Stine A  Design Jewelry

 NEW   Link :    see Countess Alexandra's name ( Grevinde Alexandra )


Flora Danica  New

                                                                   Photo By Dana Photos  Year 1996 Randers Rainforest

                                                    Info from Magazine Se og Hor 1996  "  Jewelry is from Flora Danica  "  





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