Royal Duties

Photo By  Jörgen Kölle


                                                                                I have now on this page some of  the Royal Duties that former Princess Alexandra did in the past with the Royal family .

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Year 1997

A tour around Denmark by ship .Princess Alexandra's first tour around Denmark Aalborg

                                                                                                 Photo By Karl Ravn  from Magazine Familie Journalen, Jörgen Flemming And Klaus Möller              




Randers 1997

Photos  By  Karl Ravn  from Magazine Familie Journalen ,, Jörgen Flemming , Klaus Möller













Helsingor May 11 ,1997

Photos  By Nordfoto



Magazine Cuttings  ( PRIVATE COLLECTION ) NEW



Translation NOT ALL OF IT  : The visit in Aalborg is the first stop on the summer tour with ship " Dannebrog " It's the first time Princess Alexandra is with the rest of the family on tour with ship " Dannebrog " .



Translation NOT ALL OF IT  :  Look there she is - she is so nice. Alexandra took all by storm with the smiles and wave and showed interest . It was first of all H.R.M The Queen 's thank you tour  ( 25 years as H.R.H The Queen ) but it was Alexandra they wanted to see. From Randers to Hederslev and other cities they went to town halls, Church's, museum at Gram Lergrav where all of them looked for shells ( archeologist ) .  Everywhere they went, people had waited for hours to see or meet them. Some were lucky to get a handshake from Princess Alexandra. 



Translation NOT ALL OF IT  : For the first time The Queen has Princess Alexandra with her. Everywhere they went, people wanted to see the Queen and Alexandra. They got a lot of gifts from each city they went to. In Aalborg Princess Alexandra got a watch in B&O design. In Randers they got art.


Translation NOT ALL OF IT  : The high heeled shoes was changed to boots when the Queen and Princess Alexandra was in Gram Lergrav and was archeologist for the day. Being able to find stuff in over 6 million year's old clay. Princess Alexandra also had fun with with that. Trying to see other places that day Princess Alexandra with the Queen went to Osby Church.



Translation NOT ALL OF IT :  Princess Alexandra's triumph - sweet, elegant, beautiful, if any had been in doubt about Princess Alexandra's popularity before the triumph tour around Jutland, it's been convinced . It was the children, and the old people who waited to meet her. When " UDE OG HJEMME "  asked Alexandra about the triumph she had experienced .

 Princess Alexandra said, " I am very happy and humble and trying to do my best."  The Princess has in short time become the country's darling.  Alexandra makes the security people nervous . In Aalborg, a boy saw the royal guests walk away when he wanted to give Princess Alexandra flowers. Alexandra turned around and walked over the boy who broke though the  security gate to get to Alexandra. She has an eye on every finger. She don't want to disappoint anyone but makes the security  people nervous.  Being in Randers Rainforest she told   " UDE OG HJEMME "  about snakes. A 3 to 4 meter long boa constrictor snake was shown to them.  Alexandra told them she was not afraid of snakes but  likes them best behind glass. 

 " In Hong Kong we have snakes both poisonous and harmless.  I have seen a snake once in awhile. It can happen . I almost stepped on one that was in the grass once. But never been near a boa constrictor snake.


 Trip To Greenland

Photos By Heine Richter, Bjarke Orsted,


Photo by  Heine Richter








Year 1998


                                                                            Benefit Dinner With Roger Moore                                                                                                                                  

Photos  By  Claus Moller and Claus Poulsen



   Dance 1998

Photos  By  Claus Moller 




 The Japan Royal Visit


Photo By Michael Stub , Klaus Möller  Year May 1998 The Japan Royal Visit






Year 1999

  Mandela Visit -  March 15

Photos  By  Michael Stub



 Summer Tour around Denmark

Photos  By Claus Hansen , Nordfoto, Jorgen Jessen







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 Danish Parliament  Oct 99


Photos  By Polfoto ?



Party Time January 1 , 2000

Photos  By Polfoto , Henrik Ole Jensen , Klaus Moller







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