Hats 1

Photo By Birger Storm Year July 5, 2003

The designer of some of former Princess Alexandra's hats is Per Falk Hansen ( Q Hats )

He has a shop in Copenhagen at Ny Adelgade ( info from Magazine )

Blue Box 96 - Per Falk " I did around 10 hats for her. I would go to Amalienborg and together we will find out the shape to

the hat. The hat goes not always have to match to the clothes.

 Pink Box 96 - 97 -  Most of her hat is made at Q Hats in Ny Adelgade in Copenhagen.

White Box 2002  - Princess Alexandra in a suit  Prince of Wales pattern, her straw hat from Q hats with transparent brim


                                                   Photos by Polfoto , Soren Hytting,  Jorgen Kolle , Nordfoto

See cutting               


          The Green Hat With Red Ribbon  95 

                                                                                                           Photo by Polfoto, Nordfoto  Year November 17, 1995


 The Straw Flower Hat 96

  Photo by Jørgen Jessen  Year 2001 

Opening a center for kids with different background

The first time we seen her wearing this hat was in 1996 when her niece was baptized in Mögeltönder August 1996.

Here you see her with the same hat from different years.

Photo by Jørgen Kølle  Year 1996                Photo By Jørgen Jessen  Year 2001


Photo by Jørgen Jessen  Year Sep 30 , 2004              Photo By Michael Stub Year 1999           Photo By Billed Bladet Year 2005



The Denmark's champion ship jewelry making  -  Sep 1, 2003

Photos  By Anne Bang 













The Pink Hat  96


Photos by Torkel Dyrting  Year August 9, 1996

                        Photo By Michael Stub Year 1996  



                                                                                                          Photo By Jorgen Kolle Year Feb 2002





Photos by Birger Storm  Year June 5, 2003  My home is my castle













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